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It is light, convenient and completely imperceptible under the clothing. It supports the belly well, reduces load from the organs of small basin and lower part of the back. Preventing the skin from the stretching and the breaks, it does not limit the development of the fetus. Many items have the stitched in the region backs the special corset bones, which additionally pick up vertical load and they unload spine thus. It helps to fetus to get a correct position, that it is considerably decreases the possibility of complications during the pregnancy and delivery. By wide part the article dresses to the lumbar division and is fixed under the belly by contact tape by "vilkro" fastening. Articles TONUS ELAST are convenient for the everyday carrying, easy to clean, fast to dry and do not require ironing.

Brassieres TONUS ELAST soft, pleasant by feel and have the important qualities: have the increased elasticity, cover well and retain breast. Materials from which the TONUS ELAST brassieres made of are easily adapted to the growing breast, protect it from the stretching and the breaks. The elegant construction of "cup" ensures beautifully formed breast under the clothing and convenience in the daily carrying. This brassiere will be convenient for you during the entire pregnancy. Models for the feeding mothers ensure a good fixation of breast and its correct position during the feeding, give free and easy access to the breast.

The elastic briefs of special cut and the tightening belts help you considerably more rapidly to return to the previous "form", to restored the tonus of abdominal muscles and to "pull-in" the belly. The effect of action is perceived immediately: the body control items form figure in the area of belly, buttocks and thighs, refreshes silhouette as a whole. Now the exercising will be considerably easier for you.

The TONUS ELAST elastic medical belts are intended for strengthening of lumbar. The belt tightly covers back, ensures supporting, compression and thermal effect in combination with the effect of micro-massage. Belts are recommended in the period of rehabilitation after the injuries of spine, operations, osteochondrosis with the instability of lumbar- sacral. If necessary possible selected belt TONUS ELAST with a maximally rigid fixation of back and muscles of abdomen. Such models of belts are fastened by metallic "bones" and are supplied with the tightening adjustor. The universal warming belts with the high content of wool is an excellent gift for all members of family. The belt will warm back, it will protect from cold in the cool season, or in the cold air flow aria.

The elastic and regular bandages of TONUS ELAST are intended for prevention and treating chronic diseases of veins (compression therapy), for warning the injuries of joints, bonds and muscles when physical loads (static and dynamic), for the post-traumatic restoration, and also for the rapid rendering to first aid (fixation of the damaged sections). All the articles correspond to the standard requirements, have a elasticity from 30% to 170% and manufactured with the application of technology of the "covered thread", which allows to avoid contact of latex with the skin reducing the possibility of allergic reaction. The elastic and regular bandages of TONUS ELAST are simple in the application, economical and made of the quality fabric, into composition of which is entered natural cotton. The key advantage of the application of compression articles - their effectiveness, absolute (in the comparison with any drags) safety for the health and the low cost. The elastic compression of feet when chronic venous insufficiency improves the blood circulation, it fights edemas, pain, spasm, sensation of gravity in the feet, it prevents the appearance of thrombophlebitis of surface and thrombosis of deep veins. The imposition of bandage for prevention or treating of articulate injuries and diseases (arthritis, arthroses, the weakness of ligamentous apparatus) reduces stress on the damaged joint, it fixes, it warms, decreases swelling and stops the development of inflammatory processes. It protects from the injuries when sport, prolonged static loads or during of hard physical activity. The TONUS ELAST advise is: use elastic bandages.

The TONUS ELAST neoprene articles are manufactured on the Italian technology from the high-quality three-layered neoprene. Neoprene - the special form of synthetic rubber is used in the contemporary medical practice and ensures required air and moisture permeability. The merits of neoprene - easiness, softness, elasticity, ability to extended in both directions and good heat-insulating properties. The inner layer of the article, which is directly applied to the skin is a pure cotton or the nylon, which prevents the appearance of allergic reactions and facilitating putting on. Neoprene the priority material for the manufacture of many orthopedic articles. The TONUS ELAST neoprene elastic articles first of all are intended:
- for preventing the injuries when the static and dynamic loads (joints, muscles, bonds);
- in the period of post-traumatic treatment;
- for combusting of fats and loosing weight;
- for restoring the physical form in the postpartum period.
Medical articles made of the neoprene widely adapt in the world of sport, are used for preventive maintenance and treating of injuries and chronic illnesses.